River Valley Ranch Spinach Artichoke Dip – The Real Deal Dip

River Valley Ranch Spinach Artichoke Dip is an out of this world dip that is made in Wisconsin and is the perfect go-to dip mix to keep ‘on deck’ in the fridge.

Dip is good, what makes this so special?

It’s from Wisconsin where they know dip, it’s also hand made with care, hand packed and sent our way. We here at Southport Grocery love this stuff. We mix it up with cream cheese and put in our Spinach Artichoke Omelet. The dip is a great blend of their own grown home-grown spanish, hot peppers and garlic. Great taste with a bit of kick from the peppers. It’s not the over powering punch like a lot of spicy dips, its got the ‘just right’ amount. This amazing dip will wow and please nearly anyone.

Who is creator of this concoction?

The Rose family, and it’s ring leader Eric Rose. The family first started growing their own mushrooms, because they couldn’t find great fresh-made mushrooms and from there moved to canning their home recipes. They use a special pickling process that captures the flavor and doesn’t over meld everything into a stew. In 1997 they started their business, using their love for food and family recipes for dips, salsa, and pickling; since it has grown into the great company it is now. They are also dedicated to the food they make, thus everything is chemical free, and never use thickeners; just the pure unchanged delicious food the way nature grew.

So its just dip?

No, it’s not just there are tons of ways to use this great ‘dip’. Stuff some under the skin of you next roasted chicken and you’ll have not only a great full flavor chicken, but great drippings to make a gravy from or chicken broth starter. Use it as a sandwich spread to give your veggies or turkey a real waking up. The creamy dip couldn’t be easier to make; just some sour creme or yogurt and cream cheese – that’s it! We also like to spread it from the jar onto crackers with a slice of meat, or top off hummus with some. The possibilities are endless, don’t let the dip label squander your imagination.

Where can I get it?

Right here on our shelves. Southport and Grocery loves River Valley Ranch’s Spanish Artichoke Dip, we try to have it in at all times to share our love. Pick up a jar for you or someone who loves food they are sure to enjoy it.

  1. rhona - September 15, 2010

    where can i buy bags of river valley frozen spinach
    ilive in nyc and windham, ny


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