Preserve Ideas

We have been saving the best for enjoying year-round – hunting down the best produce that the farmer’s market and our select local farmers produce and lock away amazing flavors of the season. Our preservationist makes everything from fruit butters & pie fillings to mustards & pasta sauces.

Below is a collection of a few seasonal favorites with helpful ideas & recipes from our preserve periodical – enjoy!

Peach Butter:

1. Add to your favorite slaw recipe
2. Glaze roast chicken or pork chops
3. Add to cocktails for a velvety texture

Click for Peach Butter Kielbasa Kolaches Recipe

Dilly Beans:

1. Perfect bloody Mary garnish
2. Use in ‘greens’ salad
3. Chop and Add to tuna salad

Cocktail Cherries

1. Make a spring-time cocktail
2. Easy-mode Italian soda
3. Punch up a smoothie

Red Pepper Jelly:

1. Add heat to sandwiches
2. Mix into your tartar sauce
3. Add to cream cheese omelette

Click for Red Pepper Turkey Burger Recipe

Green Tomato Relish:

1. Perfect on sandwiches
2. Partner with goat cheese
3. Add to pasta salad

European Plum

1. Put on toast
2. Add to slow cooked meats
3. Glaze your hams

Preserved Lemons:

1. Use to spruce up couscous
2. Bring freshness to pasta salad
3. Add to stuffing or Greek yogurt

Orange Marmalade:

1. Use in thumbprint cookies
2. Baste Chicken
3. Make tarts & jam bars

Click for Pork Tenderloin & Beer Braised Carrots recipe


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