Lunch Box Order

boxed lunches

Box Lunch-16x9

breakfast pastry

seasonal fruit with vanilla vinaigrette, sour cream coffee cake & a granola bar - 14.50/box

breakfast salad

local lacinato kale, mint & arugula, red quinoa, granola clusters, seasonal fruit & yogurt-poppy seed dressing, & a fruit & nut bar - 14.50/box

chopped salad

romaine, chicken, bacon, broccoli, local tomatoes, cucumber, roasted veggies, radish, feta & parmesan crisps with herb buttermilk dressing, whole grain bread with butter, brownie - 14.50/box

greens & veggie salad (vegan)

- romaine, cucumber, tomato, roasted beets, arugula, broccoli, radish, shaved carrot & roasted shallot vinaigrette, & vegan gluten free chocolate chip pecan cookie - 13.50/box

turkey sandwich

house roasted turkey, russian dressing, muenster cheese, caramelized onion & watercress on whole grain, potato chips, chocolate chip pretzel cookie - 14.95/box

smoked beef sandwich

smoked beef brisket, chipotle cream, spinach & caramelized onions on tuscan bread, potato chips, chocolate chip pretzel cookie - 14.95/box

veggie sandwich

roasted beets, cucumber, tomato, crispy onions, mixed greens, herb cream cheese, and provolone on tuscan, potato chips, vegan gluten free chocolate chip pecan cookie - 14.50/box

ham sandwich

ham & mustard, sliced apple, spinach & on tuscan, potato chips, & a brownie -14.50/box

chicken salad

chicken-walnut-red grape salad on whole grain, potato chips & a brownie - 14.95/box


Italian meat, citrus herb olives, marinated vegetables & cheese, Dijon mustard & roasted nuts, baguette & butter, chocolate dipped almond biscotti - 15.50/box


3 artisanal cheeses & baguette, roasted nuts, grapes, chocolate dipped almond biscotti- 14.50



ice tea

12 servings; $24

bottled water


orange juice


Martinelli apple juice


grapefruit juice


bottled Coke


real ginger ale



including milk and sweetener 12 servings; $30

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