Red Pepper Jelly


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Sweet and Spicy packed into a tiny inconspicuous jar, that is what our Red Pepper Jelly is all about. It may be just a half pint but it’s long in the tooth. We sourced summer lodi apples and dried our own back-patio grown chilis to craft the balance and make the perfect jelly. We think we’ve perfected the recipe – bridging the sweet/tart jelly part with a nice spicy red pepper punch-up that is fantastic on breakfast sandwiches, a simple glaze for salmon, yummy in yogurt, or tossed with coleslaw. It’s become a staple in our fridge and think it will be super tasty in your fridge too. Our Red Pepper Jelly is a Good Food Award Finalist for 2015, so it’s quite up to snuff.

8oz jar

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