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Our Dilly Beans are still crunchy, and have an unwavering bouquet of spices, plus the kind of smooth vinegar bite that you only get with years of perfecting pickling. They best in a tall Bloody Mary, or laying down with some condiment friends in a hotdog, or – heck – we just love to munch of them with a fork and dig right in! Our Dilly Beans are Good Food Award 2013 winners; going through the process of being checked for how ‘good’ they are – both in long blind tastings as well as checking where we source all of our ingredients. The beans are locally grown by our farmer friends with us in mind, our sugar, dill, garlic are all rigorously chosen dependent on best growing practices. That means each bite isn’t just packed with flavor, but with passion and hard work. Get a pint of these beauties shipped to your door – today!

16oz jar

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