Our Award Wining Dilly Beans

  • January 24th, 2013
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Our house-made Dilly BeansTurns out our intense love of our Dilly Beans were warranted. In the warmth of San Francisco, the Good Food Award folks rose us through the ranks – our tasty beans – from the stack of entries and awarded them with the medal in ‘pickles.’ This isn’t just an award for the brightly vinegary beans, but for our store as a whole, for all of SPG.

Good Food Awards Winner Seal .O.2013There are awards for responsible food curating or tasty food stuff – but The Good Food Awards bridge the two into a sort of “good people who make good things.” We couldn’t be more happy and humbled to have been bestowed this kind of honor. They couldn’t have happened without the sharp eye, and keen craftsmanship of our preservationist, Melanie. The Dilly Beans are still crunchy, have an unwavering bouquet of spices, and the kind of smooth vinegar bite that you only get with years of perfecting pickling. They love to live in a tall Bloody Mary, lay down with some condiment friends in a hotdog, or – heck – belly up to a jar with a fork and dig right in!

Unfortunately, our availability is nil as far as these wonderful beans due to seasonality, do feel free to check out the rest of our preserves; Take some flavor home with you today from off our shelves! Want to share your love of our Dilly Beans or a recipe/way you used them? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from ya.

**12.17.2014 – Update**
We’ve made more than enough to last us through the winter, but if you are coming from far and wide and are keen on getting a jar – be sure to call and check availability.

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