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  • August 11th, 2006
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Cut Down to Size

Small Stuff We Love
August 11, 2006

Big news, kids. There’s actually a lot more than the devil in the details.

To wit: some small stuff that we’re sweating big time this summer.

Little Thing #1: Curbside Service at Kiehl’s. There’s no parking on Armitage and you’re fresh out of face wash. What’s a girl to do? Call ahead and give them your credit card number. They’ll ring you up and run the goods out to your car (907 West Armitage Avenue, at Fremont Street; 773-665-2515).

Little Thing #2: Sprinkle Vials at Southport Grocery. Take your pick of sprinkles (solids, shapes, or rainbow) at the cash register and decorate your cupcake how you want, when you want (3552 North Southport Avenue, between Addison Street and Cornelia Avenue; 773-665-0100).

Little Thing #3:
Bangle Bags from She-Knits. Just the right size for cell phone, keys, lipgloss, and poop bags — for when you have to walk the dog (Mint Boutique, 2150 North Seminary Avenue, at Webster Avenue; 773-322-2944).

Little Thing #4: BugBam Wristbands. Waterproof, sweatproof, and all-natural bug repellent in the shape of a “cause” bracelet. Because doing away with mosquitos is one cause we can certainly get behind.

Little Thing #5: Twiddledee Jewelry. Earrings and necklaces made from vintage beads and glass in sweet little combos that include owls and crocheted baubles (Hanger 18, 4726 North Lincoln Avenue, at Leland Avenue; 773-275-3349).

And since none of these things will set you back as much as a big-ticket item, your bank account will thank you.

And that’s no small change.

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