Ladies & Gentlemen… Start Your Ovens!

  • December 20th, 2007
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The race is on over the weekend to finish any last minute shopping, gift wrapping and baking. Just remember, when it comes to baking, Southport Grocery & Cafe
is the ultimate Pit Stop.

For the seasoned veteran, we have everything you need to bake from scratch. Example: We don’t merely carry vanilla, we have Vanilla Powder, Clear Vanilla and Vanilla Extract. Speaking of extracts, we’ve also got
Orange, Lemon, Almond & Coffee Extracts. Food Coloring? How about every color of the rainbow? Varietals of chocolate range from semi-sweet to bittersweet.

If you want to bake, but the clock is against you. We can give you an assist. Try one of the Jacques Torres mixes: Mudslide or French Kiss Cookies, Pure Bliss Brownies ($14.00). The Barefoot Contessa has: Chocolate Chunk, Pecan Shortbread
and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk ($11.50). For decandence we steer you to The King’s Cupboard line: White Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Mix ($12.50) and Triple Chocolate layer Cake ($8.25).

If you simply don’t bake or you’d like to augment the cookies you baked yourself Southport Grocery & Cafe still carries a limited amount of our signature, homemade cookie assortments. 1 lb. box ($16.50), 1/2 lb. cylinder ($8.50)

And we don’t condone passing our cookies off as your own…That would be cheating!

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