¡Cuanto le Gusta!

  • October 3rd, 2008
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Delicious Pot of Red Nightfall BeansGlorious, old fashioned Heirloom Beans now available at Southport Grocery!

We were so intrigued when we saw Rancho Gordo’s heirloom beans featured in a recent foodie magazines, such as Saveur and Food and Wine, that we had to try them…and man are they delicious! Who knew beans could taste this good? All of Rancho Gordo’s beans are of heirloom varieties, indigenous to the Americas, and grown in Northern California. These tasty legumes are also grown in limited quantites to ensure quality and most importantly, freshness. There are so many varieties to choose from so we started with the 3 that seemed the most unique…the Vaquero Bean, Yellow Eye & Red Nightfall.

The Vaquero bean has beautiful black and white markings so not only do they taste great they look cool. They also create a dark black, ink like liquid when you cook them. Best used for chili, stews and pot beans.

The Yellow Eye Beans are creamy & dense and should replace the old, boring Great Northerns & Navy Beans. Best used in soups or your favorite vegetarian dishes.

The Red Nightfall Bean turn pink when you cook them but hold their shape well and melt in your mouth! Use these beans in your next batch of chili or serve along side some delicious BBQ.

If you are interested in ordering please call us…773-665-0100

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