Grown-up Halloween Candy

  • October 9th, 2008
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Who says Halloween is just for kids?

Southport Grovery & Cafe has dedicated an adult candy-aisle for the sophisticated sweet tooth. The selection offers superior quality homages and twists on old classics.

Chicago’s own Whimsical Candy Company has created the next generation Milky Way. It’s signature La-Dee-Dahs ($4.99) are swirled nougat, caramel and chocolate.

Vosges, also based in Chicago, has updated the classic Reeses combination of peanut butter and chocolate in it’s trademark PB Bon Bon ($10 for 4 pc).

Malt flavoring harkens back to the days of soda shops. That’s what make’s the Retro Malted Milk Bar ($3.50) such a special treat, Whoppers for foodies!

The ultimate sign of change in the adult candy palettes may be the Pate de Fruit ($3.25 for 2 pc) by Charles Chocolates of San Francisco. These treats infused with 5 different wine varietals
make Dots look like the “boxed wine” of candy.

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