Do-It-Yourself Thanksgiving

  • November 20th, 2008
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Thanksgiving Dinner often asks us to dig deep into old family recipes or call upon our (often rusty) kitchen skills. You know you can nail Aunt Bea’s stuffing,
but can’t bake a pie to save your life.

Therein lies the niche of the A La Carte Thanksgiving Catering Menu offered this year at Southport Grocery & Cafe. Do-It-Yourself…as little or as much as you like.

Get a leg up in the kitchen with Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Kit ($16.00) or Gravy Goodness Mix ($4.95). Not quite sure what to do with a turkey baster?
We have whole oven-roasted, free-range turkeys, 10lbs. serves 6-8 ($60.00) or 14lbs. serves 8-10 ($75.00).

We all know side dishes are essential to Turkey Day. We offer a host of sides to mix and match with your own from sage-sausage stuffing ($15 small / $30 large) to
honey & herb braised carrots ($12 small / $24 large).

Whether it’s baking mixes from Barefoot Contessa or our own homemade pies, we can help you do-it-yourself. Just don’t ask us to do the dishes… You’re on your own there!

Here is our entire Thanksgiving Menu…


roasted butternut squash soup    $9.95 qt

ginger carrot bisque    $9.95 qt

artisanal cheese platter    $7.50 per serving, minimum 12 servings

mushroom & sun-dried tomato pockets   $24 dozen

green olive, goat cheese & walnuts on crostini   $24 dozen

brown onion, roasted chicken and tomato tart   $28 dozen

rosemary ham-gruyere-mustard palmier   $28 dozen

pear wedge & arugula wrapped in prosciutto   $28 dozen

mushroom & sun-dried tomato pockets   $24 dozen

poached shrimp salad on wonton   $28 dozen

smoked duck-lentil salad on lavosh   $28 dozen

Small serves 2-4 people; Large serves 4-6 people

fall fruit with vanilla vinaigrette   $10 small / $20 large

sage-sausage stuffing  $15 small / $30 large

sweet potato-parmesan puree  $12 small / $24 large

our red potato mash   $12 small / $24 large

house-made turkey gravy  $10 pint / $20 quart

honey & herb braised carrots  $12 small / $24 large

brussel sprout mushroom bake  $14 small / $28 large

ginger almond green beans $12 small / $24 large


oven roasted, fresh, free-range turkey $60 10LB serves 6-8 /$75 14LB serves 8-10


rustic apple oatmeal pie   $20 serves 6-8     
maple pumpkin pie   $18 serves 6-8                                                

our famous cupcakes  – vanilla or chocolate  $2.25 each

dessert tray…cookies, brownies & biscotti    $3.50 per person, minimum 6 servings

From the Grocery

More than Gourmet Turkey Stock Base   $6.25

Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Kit  $16
(spiced brine, large brining bag & rub!)

Urban Accents Gravy Goodness Mix  $4.95

Urban Accents Sumptuous Stuffing Mix  $4.95

Barefoot Contessa Cranberry Harvest Muffin  $12.95

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin Pancake Mix  $8.50

Maggie & Mary Pumpkin Chiffon Mousse Mix  $4.75

Bea’s Pumpkin Butter  $6

Our House-Made Cranberry-Red Grape Sauce  $5.95
Our House Roasted Nuts  $10.95 lb – $16.95
Vanilla Walnuts
Cinnamon-Cayenne Cashews
Pecan Au Poivre
Sesame-Oregano Almonds-Pistachios

Place your orders by 4pm Sunday, Nov. 23rd. Final Pick-Up will be 7pm Wednesday, Nov. 26th. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

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