8 Weeks of Winter Welcome: Week 1

  • January 15th, 2009
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The official start of Winter Season began a little less than a month ago. If you ask a Chicagoan, however, he or she might tell you Winter began in October.

In either case, there are officially 8 weeks of Winter left…or so we hope!

At Southport Grocery & Cafe, we’re going to embrace the season with a series of 8 weekly specials.
we’ll be unveiling a new promotion each Monday, so be sure to keep checking your email in box!

Week 1 (beginning Monday, January 12th): Free Cup of Soup with Purchase of any Sandwich or Entree-Sized Salad!

Soup Du Jour? More Like Soup Du Week!

We offer 2 Soups Du Jour each and every day. So don’t miss this opportunity to slurp
one of our signature recipes…on us!

We look to forward to seeing you soon, if not this week, then during any one of our 8 Weeks of Winter Welcome!

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