When We Head North……Milwaukee

  • February 5th, 2010
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I am from Milwaukee and with family and friends still there there are frequent trips north on I94.   Food is a focus on all visits…not too surprising of a statement, now is it!  What are my favorites, you ask? Here are 3 … more to come later.

Number One – Leon’s Custard

Custard…that cold dessert similar to ice-cream…is a popular year-round treat (yes, even in the dead of a Wisconsin winter).  Milwaukee is sprinkled with custard stands all throughout the city, and everyone has their opinion as to which one is the best.  Well I am here to tell you which one is the best…Leon’s Custard.   I have been going there all my life.

I am a purist when it comes to my custard…a vanilla cone all the way!  I believe that if you can do vanilla right the rest falls right into place.  Leon’s vanilla custard has the perfect balance of  butterfat and vanilla to give this rich dessert a clean, fresh taste.  If I want to kick it up a notch I go for the strawberry sundae…it is to-die-for!!  

Leon’s Frozen Custard (3131 South 27th Street) is a Milwaukee landmark, family owned and operated since 1942.  Open all year long!!




Number 2 – Mama Mia’s

You can’t leave town before heading to Mama Mia’s for their pizza and garlic bread.   Milwaukee pizza is thin crust…a crust that stays stiff when you pick up a piece…classic toppings…and just the right amount of sauce so as not to overpower those classic toppings.  But then there is the garlic bread…

When you mention Mama Mia’s to anyone that has been there their first response  is … ‘oh, the garlic bread’.  A 6 inch long 2 inch high piece fresh crusty bread dipped in melted butter, sprinkled with garlic salt and baked to add a bit more crispiness.  So, so good.  Not garlicky enough for you? No worries…there is extra garlic salt at the table.

There are two locations; 8533 West Greenfield Avenue and 18880 West Bluemound Road

Number 3 – Cafe at the Plaza

Need a made-from-scratch breakfast or lunch in downtown Milwaukee?  Cafe at the Plaza is your answer.  The hidden cafe is in the lobby of The Plaza Hotel & Apartments (1007 North Cass Street)…yes, a charming 1920’s style hotel to boot!  Many an artist & actor stays at The Plaza.

The cafe offers a classic Amercian breakfast and lunch menu, and just like Southport Grocery…breakfast is served all day long…so sleep in!  Homey food (I had the Plaza Pleaser last …scrambled eggs, bacon and buttermilk pancakes) in a great atmoshphere….great food in a charming place.

I will share more of my Milwaukee favorites later…would love to hear yours too!

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