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  • April 7th, 2010
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We wanted to bring what we knew about food and the things we love to our Southport friends.  So, we’re expanding our blog with lots more stuff; bursting full of ideas and info like:

  • on our shelves – great new products and tried and true favorites
  • helpful ideas – from recipes to dinner ideas
  • on the road – interesting tales of road fare
  • goings on – upcoming events in and around

Of course we’ll be still be bringing you our new menu items in detail in the future.  There will be more of everything, and we’ll make ourselves more accessible and answer your questions answer faster than before.  Looking for something? Search our tags. Doesn’t have a write up, let us know – we’ll get one cooking.

We aren’t diverting our attention from out famous cupcakes, fantastic food, and great service – that will never change.  The Southport Grocery staff wanted to share what we wanted to know with our fellow foodies.  Fresh food from local businesses are our favorite – Chicago and Milwaukee goodies bring a smile to our face.  There will be more to read with flushed out articles about each topic – more details, more pictures, and more adjectives.

Did we miss your favorite spot in a city we visited?  Had a taste of something new?   Know a good substitute for an ingredient? Leave a comment! We want to hear from you.  We want the blog to connect with you as a lover of food, of all things tasty and cute.  So don’t skip on the hot tips if you have them, we’d love to know!

Check out the new look and stay up-to-date, there is always something new or happening.

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