Pasta Puttana, the Pasta Hustler

  • April 7th, 2010
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Pasta Puttana is fresh, hand made pasta from the delicate hands of a Chicago resident.

Why fresh pasta?

I’ll give you a few reasons. First is the time it takes to make it – literally 10-20 seconds. You buy it, you boil some salty water, drop it in, stir it around a couple times, and pull it out. You are done. Got to make a quick meal? There is no faster way to make pasta than fresh pasta – not even ramen noodles cook faster. Second, it doesn’t need to get dressed up. Toss in extra virgin olive oil, plop a heap on a plate and a sprinkle of salt (we like chucky sea salts) is all it needs. Simple and amazing taste – what else could you want from pasta? How about flavor! Unlike nearly all dried pasta, Pasta Puttana comes with favor ferver – from hand selected fresh herbs to creamy egg.  A perfect pasta for any occasion.

Who makes this marvel?

Jessica, the Pasta Puttana, a red headed whirl wind of pasta making fury. Building up a customer base at farmers markets and reaching out to local farmers for produce to use in her pasta (see: fantastic herbs), she wield the will of many a foodie. Our heart is hers when it comes to her marvelous pasta.

Should I make it for special occasions…or?

Well, yes but not only those. Make it on ‘Pasta Wednesdays’, or as a side to that slab of steak. Don’t use it all? Keep it in the fridge or freeze it almost indefinitely until you come back from your Atkins kick.

How can I buy it?

We, of course, carry it in our fridge near the deli case – ready to heat and eat – and in the freezer -to keep it in stasis.   Looking for a special kind or flavor?  Want to find out which ones we have in stock?  Give us a call, we can put some aside or try and get what you are looking for.

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