The Spice House, Vulcan Salt & Pilsen – give your dishes a punch of flavor

  • April 15th, 2010
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The Spice House provides hand selected spices with flavors of all the tasty parts of Chicago and more.

Why these spices over supermarket types?

For one, they are hand picked and selected by local spice merchants. An age old tradition that the owners of the Spice House embrace, even owning many antique spice trade books. The folks over at The Spice House choose each indigent and blend them to ‘just right’ perfection. We pulled two off our shelf at random: the Pilsen Latino Seasoning, and Vulcan’s Fire Salt. The Pilsen is great, smooth and spicy with a enough kick to not fade away on chicken or burgers – perfect seasoning when making fajitas or burritos. The Vulcan’s Fire Salt… as it sounds, it’ll put the ‘nerve pinch’ on your tongue. A dash goes far and we welcome the heat. With the fire comes a surprise splash of flavor like a phoenix from your burnt tongue from citrus to vinegar. It’s a real left hook to any dish – great on pork chops or sprinkle on top of roasted veges. The heat will wake your taste buds, and the flavor will have you going in for more.

Who makes these Spice blends?

Tom and Patty, two soothsayers of spice. Patty’s parents started the business in 1957 and passed on the business. The young couple grew and spread their business to Evanston and Chicago. To have such a wide array of spectacular spices here in Chicago and up in Milwaukee is great; we’re thankful they are here to share their knowledge and seasons.

What should they be used on?

We like the Vulcan’s Fire Salt in burgers, or dashes on popcorn – nearly anything. The Pilsen seasoning is great for meats. It couldn’t be better for seasoning a cut of steak, or mixed in with oil and vinegar for a zesty salad dressing. Don’t be afraid to try something different or new – you might surprise yourself.

Where can I get them?

Here at Southport Grocery and Cafe! We carry the Chicago neighborhood spices and a few of the others – including Vulcan’s Fire Salt. Pick up your favorite or a few to find your favorite – there is a Spice House blend for you. Midwest Living loves the Spice House too! the

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