Potter’s Crackers – taste Wisconsin in a cracker

  • May 1st, 2010
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Potter’s Crackers are organic artisan crackers that bring the flavors of Wisconsin to your table.

Artisan crackers?

These are not your typical crackers. These lovely parallelograms can stand on their own, great flavor and not overbearing with butter or saltiness. Don’t count these out with your favorite cheese either, they are enough to stand up to any Wisconsin cheese – but won’t overwhelm. We love them because they are fantastic crackers that can go with anything.

Where are these fancy crackers made?

Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin to be exact. Potter’s Crackers are deeply connected to the local farmers in the area – which supply the ingredients for their organic crackers. So not only are they delicious but organic and local; from the flower milled nearby to the milk at the grove stand.

Who makes these crunchy rusks?

Peter Potter, aptly enough. A food science graduate from the University of Wisconsin, his passion for local food stuffs, and a little help from mom – owner of New Glarus Bakery for 28 years – helped create what we think are delightfully delish crackers.

What should go on them? Just cheese?

Well sure, cheese is good. But you don’t have to put anything on them if you don’t want to. Potters Crackers are made with seasonal ingredients that are good enough to eat with or without your favorite dip, cheese, or anything you can imagine. Or use what you’ve got around; take a six seed cracker and put a dollop of hummus, a nice hunk of brie on the wheat is just dandy, or just nibble on the toasted sesame – anyway is the right way.

Where can I get these nibble-ables?

On our shelves! Want a flavor we don’t have, or thinking of a type of cracker not there? We can always order for you, and do what we can to get you these amazing crackers.

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