Willow Creek Mill – flapjack mixes of deliciousness

  • May 11th, 2010
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Willow Creek Mill Pancake Mixes are small pouches of pancake mixes without preservatives or anything ‘unwanted.’

What is the difference between this stuff and store brand?

For one, flavor – your taste buds will thank you. One bite of a Wild Blueberry, Caramel Pecan, Buttermilk, or Apple Spice pancake made with these mixes and you’ll know right away that their heart and soul goes into making this perfect breakfast treat. The flower is stone ground as well, meaning it is made with tradition. Each type has the perfect blend of spices and/or dried fruit; it tastes homemade because it is.

Who grounds those stones?

Well, a machine is doing the actual grinding, but Margit Sandor and her husband, Al Zahn, are the owners. They bought a mill in 1996 and Margit put her love for recipes to power. Her familiarity of grains and natural ingredients allowed her to create these and other fantastic mixes.

Should I make these for anything special?

Yes! Make them for your mom when she’s in town, or for your significant other over a long weekend, or just surprise someone close to you with fluffy delicious pancakes. Just as the package says, it’s “The World’s Best Weekend Pancakes.”

Where can I get them?

Here, at Southport Grocery and Cafe. We try and keep a few flavors of the pancake and waffle mixes in all the time.  Missing a flavor on our selves? We can always special order some for you! But don’t pass up these special mixes.

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