Scarpetta Sauces – Spoon out the love

  • June 9th, 2010
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Scarpetta Sauces are marvelously made sauces from our friends out east.

Pasta Sauces? How is it different from the store brand?

For one, it’s made with love, care, and to be honest – much better ingredients than a lot of ‘shelf brands.’  Lets start with the flavors of sauces – they aren’t named ‘traditional’ or ‘herb’, Scarpetta uses the right ingredients to fit with tradition and flavor using authentic italian recipes. They are dedicated to not over salting, not using canned tomatoes, overcooking, or any of those other pitfalls many pasta sauces seem to fall into a lot of the time. This stuff is made in small batches by people who love brining good, like-homemade food to everyone. The sauce isn’t overly simple or too complicated, it is just right – the perfect blend of  spices and herbs and all those good things that go into a fantastic sauce, Sauces ‘n Love has got it all right.

Who creates this sauce?

Scarpetta is made by Sauces ‘n Love in Somerville, Ma. They  started when a boy wanted to impress a girl, they got married, and started a business together to make the sauces that he had made to impress her with. The two started making and packaging their home-made sauces for friends and family. They got some press, buisness grew, Oprah put the spot light on them, they grew more, and after a bit more press they landed at their place now in Somerville. After all the growth and great press they have not lost sight of their mission of making fantastic sauces with great flavor without all the short-cuts.

Is it just for pasta?

Of course not. Cook your chicken in a Scarpetta sauce, or use it in your lasagna, or as quick bruschetta topping. We have to admit to doing the latter for unexpected guests, but it was just as good if we had spent a few hours cutting tomatoes. Whatever we didn’t use we just stuck back in the fridge to use later. The container is evidence that Sauces ‘n Love has thought of everything; they use BPA-free plastic containers perfect for re-use; microwaveable, freezable, endlessly re-usable. The containers are great for keeping the sauce fresh and ready to use at any time, and we love their low profile for fitting in the fridge or freezer. There isn’t a time to not use Scarpetta sauce, it fits perfectly as our ‘go-to’ pasta sauce at home. After four Sofi awards, these sauces sure do stand above the rest.

Where is it available?

On our shelves! We’ve been carrying Sauces ‘n Love for a many a fort-night, and we still can’t get enough of it. One helping of any of their sauces and you’ll be hooked too! We currently carry 4 flavors: Pink Pesto, Tuscan Vodka, Arrabbiata, and Puttanesca. All with their own special flavors, each perfect in their own way. Looking for a type we’re out of? Want a special type? Let us know and we can always order it for you.  Grab a jar of Scarpetta, you’ll be glad you did.

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