Southport Grocery’s Vanilla Rhubarb Preserves

  • June 11th, 2010
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We here at Southport Grocery and Cafe like to take advantage of fresh ingredients when we can. It’s spring so that can mean only one thing: it’s canning season. The early fruits are rolling in and we are doing our part to ‘preserve’ the flavors of spring. One of our first creations is our Vanilla Rhubarb Preserves. We’ve packed spring tastes inside: Nielson Massey Vanilla, locally grown organic rhubarb, a touch of sugar, and a heap of love and care.

Our own chef created the recipe for this amazing treat, sure to please any palette – it’s sweet and light and not over sugared. We like it on anything from toast, or as a top off to a dessert or ice cream. Want to save the flavor or spring for when you miss it? The preserves will last in their jar for up to a year. Thats right, save the preserves for the dead of those Chicago winters to remind you that the cold is just a phase, or beat the heat of summer with the tinge of rhubarb. There isn’t a wrong time to settle back into the breeze of spring. Pick up a jar in pint or half pint before they are all gone.

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