New York Fancy Food Show – Part 1

  • July 25th, 2010
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We shipped out on the first plane to The Big Apple Saturday morning before the show. Our plan of attack? Land, check-in to our hotel, and get living like ‘real’ New Yorkers – eating our way though the city. We checked into The Maritime, a Southport Grocery favorite, and headed out for brunch (of course).

We got a tip from our baker to try out Paris Commune just down the street from our hotel – so we huffed the few, short blocks. The sun was on the rise and we could already feel it was going to be a tough day for walking, we spotted the restaurant and walked in. First thing we noticed was it was as if their decor fell out of a small town in France – cute and light during the day and a mellow looking wine bar and a private table or two downstairs for the evening. Then we noticed it was relatively empty, but we chalked it up to our midwest eagerness and hunkered in for some overdue grub. We started with a round of coffee, a bloody mary, and the Oscar Wilde; good strong coffee, just enough spice in the bloody mary, and not too sweet on the cocktail. For breakfast: A Salmon and Spinach Omelet, the Truffled Eggs, the Southern Belle, and their fritata – all great fresh flavors and never overwhelming. A good pick by our baker, no wonder it’s a neighborhood favorite.

After breakfast, we took a brutally long walk to the farmer’s market at Union Square. Late June, with a minor heat wave cascading down the angled streets of NYC, it was unbearable in the sun and sweat-inducing in the shade – we even had to break in NYU bookstore to get some A/C. It was worth it though, we do love our farmers markets and The Union Square Farmer’s Market is huge and great. Lots and lots of veggies, fruits, meats, and one thing we don’t get at our farmer’s markets in Chicago: fresh fish. Not just one stand of small fish either, a plethora of stands carrying muscles, prawns, shell fish, and red snapper – oh my!  Before leaving we picked up some native New York state juices that looked and tasted amazing by Red Jacket Orchards – we got Blueberry Stomp and Raspberry Apple, so refreshing after a long walk.

After the stroll around the farmer’s market, we decided had to check out our New York counterparts; so off to Dean and Deluca then to Magnolia’s. Dean and Deluca is great, they have so much shelf space enough room for everything under the sun – although it does get a tad overwhelming, it is a great place for inspiration. On our trip to Magnolia’s we got lucky, no line. We liked the cupcakes at Magnolia’s, don’t get us wrong – we are just privy to another particular cupcake.

Next NYC post: Dinner and ‘the show.’

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