City Caramels – The caramel taste of Chicago

  • August 13th, 2010
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There are great ideas, like the ones scribbled on napkins lost in sands of wet bar tops and sweaty hands, and then there are truly great ideas – like City Caramels: scrumptious caramels whose flavors are based on Chicago’s famous neighborhoods.

Woah, what? Caramels that taste like the city?

Yeah, that’s right. The delicious tastes of Bucktown (coffee), Lincoln Square (salty and nutty), Old Town (pretzels), and Pilsen (spiced) all wrapped up and ready to take you into a land of sweet delicious candy. Grab a pack of one type, or explore the whole city with all four. The flavors are as smooth as the caramel, never overwhelming or so much as to hide the true caramel taste. Soft caramels potted with the flair of our favorite city.

Who makes these delicious treats?

Julie and her staff cook up these yummy caramels. Her experience from the land of candy (Hershey’s), and her love for Chicago helped foster City Caramels, we’re happy they did – the result is so tasty! Just ask Tasting Table.

How can I get my mitts on some?

Stop by Southport Grocery, we try to keep the four flavors as much as possible. Run out of your favorite? Let us know, we can always order more. Want us to save you some? We’ll horde for you too. Get a three-bag of Chicago flavors, you won’t be sorry.

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