New York Fancy Food Show – Part 2

  • August 20th, 2010
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The long-awaited, part-two of our New York Fancy Food Show visit.

After a tiring, early afternoon of stomping around the city, we rested and cleaned up for dinner. Where, of all places, do we go in such a great city of all things eat? Spotted Pig. The Pig is a well-known spot in the Meatpacking District…a fantastic neighborhood.  Not only that, it has some amazing food, and soothes our guilty pleasure of star spotting. But the food, oh the food. Of course we all ordered different items, so each person could at least taste everything at our table. An order of red and white bottles and we hunkered down for dinner; the ladies at the banquette and the gentlemen sat in short stools. From deviled eggs to pig’s ear – we got a real spread. We ravaged our plates, chatted, and cleared the sauce from our faces. After dinner we walked into the cool night’s air, we were ready for the movie.

Though this wasn’t just any movie – it was a rooftop film. We headed to the Lower East side. Out of the cab, we checked in at the door, got our arm bands, and huffed up the six flights of stairs of the lower-east-side school building. The top of the ‘Open Road Rooftop’ was covered by young budding artists in swaths of bright colors across the floor and walls; a pastoral hodgepodge that set the mood. Toss in a live opening band and a cool breeze: the night was set. The rooftop-film people know what they are doing.  This was a fantastic way to spend an evening, and if you are in town, or have the chance to catch a film – don’t miss it.

It had been a long night. Two of us had to get up early, so we ended it there. The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel; really well-made french toast and a bowl of fruit between the two of us. After breakfast, finally, we were off to the show. After getting our badges it was off to judge the 2010 Sofi Awards: delicious food was spread out on the tables, meaning a hard vote for most of the categories.  Some of our favorites won like Lucero’s Peach Vinegar, Rishi Tea, Creminelli meats, Cyprus Grove and more!

After voting we took to the rows and rows of vendors: tons of great stuff from brand new companies and old favorites showcasing fantastic new items. After eating our way through the show, we took a cab back to have a drink and napped. The Pride Parade ended near out hotel and a couple of us still had the energy to enjoy the celebration, while the others had a down night after a long day of walking and stuffing our face.

The following day we had breakfast at Pastis early. Nothing could have been a better top off to our time in NYC – an open patio in summer, and a brunch at one of New York’s ever-more famous french spots. The fruit was incredibly fresh and the french toast was thick with ideal toasty edges, great all around. A short walk back to the hotel, and a quick pack-up of our things…  our time in NYC was over.

Tasty, fun, times in New York City. We’ll be back for sure.

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