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  • September 5th, 2010
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In the world of dips there are those who get put on fridge shelves… and then there are those that don’t make it to the fridge. Dig Dips falls into the “won’t-make-it-to-the-fridge” category. With it’s smooth taste and a spicy kick, it puts them a cut above the rest.

Dip? How is that exciting?

If you’ve had those grocery-store tubs filled with strange white cream and ever wanted more, then this is for you. Dig Dips bring a whole new light and taste to dips; no more “cheese” and “sour cream”, but delicious real melty cheese and ingredients that are clearly eatable. We carry three flavors: Artiqueso, Tomate Picante, and Quesolantro. All delicious, all the time.

Who makes this dip?

It comes from a fabled story about a person with a deep love for food, and their window of opportunity to create something truly special to share with the world. In April of ‘08, Doug was this person. He saw his chance to own his own business, something he had always wanted to do. Being a Chicago native, dip is something that coursed through his veins. He took up making better dips. He produced gourmet, hand-made dips with a flavor that would put “those dips” everyone grew up with to shame. We think he did swimmingly.

So just a dip?

Just a dip? Oh, we assure you this is not ‘just’ a dip. Sure you can use it as a dip, but you won’t want to stop there. Put a dollop on top of hamburger. The Tomate Picante already has cheese and tomato – you’d put them on top of a burger anyway. Use any of them as a spread in your sandwich, slap it on chicken, or toss it on some veggies. In any case, let it warm and melt into a tasty dinner.

Sign me up, where do I get it?

Right here. We try and keep all three flavors in stock at all times. If you are in a pinch and need a big order, let us know. We’ll see about getting as much of this delicious concoction as possible.

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