Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake

  • September 16th, 2010
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When thinking about the deluge of possible cupcake flavors and mixings we thought we’d give our dear readers and followers a try at creating a cupcake. We’d pick a winner, make and create the cupcake idea from a dream into a real thing. With winning they’d receive a twelve case of their winning flavor, sharing their creation with their loved ones – bragging rights in hand. We received a myriad of entires with an amazing array of flavors, textures, and surprising combinations. The inspiring and incredible collection made it a real task to find a winner, but one stood out to us as an interesting and possible combination that would perk our interest as well as those of our customers.

The cupcake? An entry about salted caramel and chocolate mixed together in a combination we couldn’t ignore. Stacy L, a homemaker with a budding passion for food came up with the idea from her favorite gelato. She doesn’t label herself a ‘foodie’ but says that she likes to experience and expose her children to new foods. She’s joined a CSA this year to keep things interesting, worrying that her family “was eating the same 4 meals every week.” For Stacy, “from scratch” means you can control the kinds of things that go into the food, as well as putting yourself into the dishes – from start to finish – something she tires to do. She became a fan of Southport Grocery when pregnant and loved our “from scratch” style and use of “local, and artisan foods” from our bakery to the kitchen to the things we sell on the shelf. She also found our starters helpful when looking for a boost to good homemade food.

The cupcake itself is devised of great flavor proportions; starting with a dark chocolate cake with salty caramel poured over the finished cake, then frosted with our famous buttercream and topped with Himalayan sea salt and toffee bits. A layering of sweet and salty, contrasting on each level, your tongue is elevated to a lush land of lip-smacking luxury. Give ’em a try; we love them and know you will too.

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