Vermont Sausage – The taste of real meat

  • September 22nd, 2010
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Welcome one and all to the delicious world of smoked and cured meats. There are those cured meats from those ‘slim’ fellows who think packaged meat is supposed to be mashed together leftover meat scraps that may or may not contain actual meat, then there are those that taste like the sweet nectar of life and the culmination of eons of human kind working with meat concentrated into a slice of pork. Vermont Smoke and Cure is under the second umbrella – tasty, and amazing meat goodies.

Tell me more!

With pleasure. These wonderful people purchase their meat only from the US and Canada (we’ll let the Canada thing slide because they are so close) which are raised without antibiotics. There is no nitrates or nitrites added, no artificial preservatives, that means pure unaltered meat going right into your munch zone. We carry a couple things from Vermont Smoke and Cure, lets start with their Summer Sausage: a plump and bustling with flavor, the perfect cut-up for a picnic or tag along to a party, this thing will best any of those summer sausages that comes in grandiose boxes or baskets filled with a profusion of other accouterments. What does one need other than a cracker or baguette with a heavy slice of pure summer sausage? Our feeling exactly. We also carry their meat snack sticks, both the Cracked Black Pepper and BBQ. These aren’t your mystery-meat-in-a-tube sticks, oh no, all natural beef and pork (again, antibiotic free) start the show with real salt and spices, to send the flavor receptors that lay in waiting on your tongue into a real jingle. These meats are, across the board, the best cured and smoked packaged meats we’ve had to date. There must be something in the maple syrup up there.

How about the makers of this wondrous meat celebration?

It all started with a small, local smoker named Roland. After years of service to the community it was time to close the doors, but a nearby restaurant couldn’t see it close it’s doors and decided to buy it and keep it running. In 2006 they decided to package and label their goods for wide use, and we’re happy they did. To bring such a small, handmade, batch by batch flavor to the masses can be difficult, we can say it was worth it from our side of the plate.

Where to get these scrumptious snacks?

Right at your local dispenser of all things delicious: Southport Grocery and Cafe. We carry both Snack Sticks, and their Summer Sausage. Pick up one of each and indulge in some of the best smoke, cured, packaged meats this country has to offer. Those maple loving Vermonters know their way around tasty meat, that is for sure.

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