Frontier Soups – Slurp the tradition of natural

  • October 7th, 2010
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There is a growing trend in the world of soup – it may be strange to those unfamiliar with it but it has been around for an uncountable number of years. Dry soup mixes were available at the chuck wagons of the great American west, a trade item in the bustling cities out east, and in the 1940s dry mixes exploded through the market as an inexpensive way to feed a family. Recently there has been a resurgence in dry soup mixes and more focus on natural ingredients, without all the questionable additives. Frontier Soups is one of these purveyors of all natural and preservative free dry soup and dip mixes.

Dry Soup? Like blocks of noodles?

Sort of.  Frontier soups don’t have those crunchy blocks of ramen or tiny packets bursting of salt and suspect ingredients. All of Frontier’s soup mixes are packed with legible ingredients, not only that – but are stuffed into clear plackaging so you can see the corn, onions, spices, and more in right there in the package; not hidden behind paper-like tear away sack with a few strings of noodles and a powdery mess. We love all the soups by Frontier, but we especially like the Tortilla soup, a finalist in ’07 for outstanding product from NASFT. It’s a beautiful blend of black beans, sweet corn, red & green peppers, onions, garlic and spices. It’s super easy to make – Chicken broth, water, chicken, salsa, and 30min is all you need. They suggest crumbling a handful of tortilla chips for a bit of crunch and we agree – it’ll perk up the soup for sure, but aren’t necessary to make this soup complete. Frontier Soups has outdone themselves with this Tortilla soup, it’s not too spicy – it’s got a smooth chili flavor – not all broth – enough ‘goodies’ in the bag to go around – the soup is awesome. Call your friends and make this soup, it’ll be ready as they knock – what could be better when it’s getting cooler outside? On a crisp October day, nothing is more fitting than a bowl of soup – and why not have a great one, like those from Frontier Soups.

Where does it come from? Where do the recipes come from?

It comes from the great state of Illinois, in the Chicago suburb of Waukegan. Frontier soups started in the basement of founder, Trisha Anderson, where she worked in catering and making food for her family and friends, eventually her soup and dip mixes caught on to where she had to expand and now takes up 8,000 hundred square feet of warehouse. Trisha creates all the recipes herself and her knowledge of flavor mixing and creation is spot on – never overpowering and always satisfying.

Where can I get the soup and dip mixes?

Here, At Southport Grocery. We try and keep a few flavors of dips and soups, but if you can’t find one you are looking for or we’re missing one we usually carry (like the tortilla soup) – let us know and we can get it for you. We’re happy to be carrying Frontier Soups – brining the delicious tradition of dry soup mixes, all natural and not over bearing with salt. Grab a bag and feed your family and friends real soup – they’ll thank you with full bellies.

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