Sweetwater Spice Company BBQ Baths – Souse your vitals

  • October 11th, 2010
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So there you are prepping dinner, a handful of asparagus, a couple of pork chops and a pot of risotto going. Sure, you could drizzle some olive oil in the bottom of the pan and and cook them with nothing more. Great as they might be, your tongue wants more. More flavor, intrigue, maybe a bit of spiciness; it yearns for difference. Sweetwater Spice Comany’s BBQ Baths are here to bathe your meat in it’s warm and delicious liquid.

BBQ Bath? That like a brine?

It’s exactly like a brine, because, well it is a brine. Although, don’t lump these Baths into the same category as some other over salty brines that overtake the meat and make you second guess your cooking abilities – it really does not do them justice. There is a reason for the bucking horse and cowboy picture on their label, this stuff is the real deal, the real McCoy – a brine that puts flavor and the meat first. The folks at Sweetwater know their meats, being from the land of Texas it’s hard not to. The baths compliment, not overtake the meat, adding flavor and not replacing any of the characteristics of that sweet stuff in the pan (or grill). What is great is that you can use the baths on any meat really, from pork to chicken to beef to shrimp even tofu. The Apple Chipotle is a touch smoky from the peppers and smoked paprika with a bit of a bite from the chilies but is a touch sweet from the apples, a perfect combination for pork. Or pick up an Ancho & Chipotle for a smoky and spicy flavor to get your beef cuts a real treat. Whichever flavor you choose your fungiform papilla will be happy with you.

Where can I get my mitts on this?

From our shelves to your cabinets – we love Sweetwater Spice Company’s BBQ Bath and we try to keep it on our shelves, as hard as it is, so if we are running low or are out a kind you were looking for we can always order more. Don’t let your next meal go unbathed in these tasty brines.

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