Nice Cream – local tasty handmade ice cream

  • December 2nd, 2010
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It’s a feat to find a great ice cream that sources local ingredients and is also locally made. There are a few out there, but few are doing as tasty a job as Nice Cream.

I scream for ice cream!

We all do. That is why having freshly sourced ingredients as well as having the product made by hand is so important. Nice cream does this and much more – they find local farms for all of their ice creams, helping their local growers and the flavor of ingredients. They also make it right here in Chicago. It’s not shipped or brought over in a big truck filled with stuff, it’s taken from their freezers, packed up in a cooler and rolled over here from just a little ways down the road. It’s not all too common to get ice cream hand delivered by the same folks who made it. But Nice Cream isn’t just about great ingredients and handmade-ness but foremost about tasty flavors and amazing combos: chocolate with sweet basil, burnt caramel cream with crunchy toffee, pumpkin ice cream with pie slices, banana bread ice cream with dark chocolate chunks, salted chocolate with almonds, vanilla with peaches, and more. Make you hungry yet? Tummy growling? Yeah, ours too. Grab a container of the ever changing seasonal flavors, each half-pint we carry is meticulously created and hand packed in adorable and colorful cardboard containers. Sure, it’s cute on the outside, but let’s not loose sight of the small batch handcrafted ice cream inside – it’s amazing.

Who makes it?

This wonderful woman named Kris Swanberg. An Illinoisan who knows great flavors and ice cream. She fell into making ice cream when she got her first ice cream maker as a wedding gift and began making ice creams for friends and family who then pushed her to start making it for the masses. We were ablated to try her creations. After tasting, we knew they were a great fit. Find her at a tasting in Chicago, she’d be glad to tell you all about her current and upcoming flavors – make sure to grab a taste too!

Where can I get this Nice Cream?

Right here in our freezer. We try and collect as many of the seasonal flavors that’ll fit the fall collection is the perfect mix of expected and surprising new fitting tastes to autumn. Try Nice Cream once, you’ll be looking for more. We know we have been!

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