TCHOs Christmas Series Boxes

  • December 6th, 2010
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We’ve written about TCHO before, but they’ve really outdone themselves this year – adding amazingly designed holiday themed boxes to their repertoire. They are the perfect thing to bring as a host gift or share the squares of awesome tasting chocolate at your next holiday party, you never want to show up empty handed. Want the perfect gift? Bring a 12 or 48 box of TCHO chocolate squares with splendid art on top. They are packed neatly inside a nice box too with a magnetic top, and can be reused for jewelry or crafts. Both boxes come with a collection of their flavor profile: Fruity, Chocolatey, Citrus, & Nutty. All tasty tasting chocolate for your guests or someone else’s guests to enjoy. So spread some holiday spirit with these delicious chocolates, available on our shelf now.

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