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  • December 16th, 2010
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A touch behind on the updates here, but we wanted to thank all of those who have written or mentioned us. We get busy doing other projects all the time, but wanted to make sure we thanked everyone that was nice enough to write about us.

Anatomy of a Sandwich: Lakeview – Steve Dolinsky departs on a new food adventure: hunting for Chicagoland’s best sandwiches. Our Walleye Pike was the first on his pilot program. Thanks Steve!

Real food for Real People: Southport Grocery blog – Jimmy over at Red Pandora mentioned our post about his awesome popcorn and talked up our blog; so nice.

Cindy La Ferle’s Home Office: Variations on a weekend – Cindy does some fall cleaning, shopping, and visiting with her son over a long weekend. Her son introduces her to “one his favorite restaurants” – us! Thanks for mentioning us Cindy and a shout out to your son Nate.

Everything gal: Southport Grocery – Kenna wrote that we help her “fall in love with breakfast just a little bit more” each time she visits. Great picture of the stuffed french toast and thanks a bunch for the write up.

Food Life: Grocery Shopping – The Ritz-Carlton Residences blog mentioned us as a great place to pick up gourmet items and that we have “one of the best quick meals [they’ve] ever had.” Thanks guys!

Best of: Chicago’s Best BLT –  CBS Chicago hunts down the city’s best BLTs and ours made the cut – in great company too; thanks CBS!

Cupcakes Take The Cake: Chicago’s Southport Grocery – The ladies over at CTTC, wrote a super nice post about us saying we have “the best vanilla cupcake in Chicago, and possible the world.” You are making us blush!

Midwestern Masticatory Musings: Southport Grocery & Cafe, Chicago IL – One of the most proflic posts about us we have ever read, really well written, tons of photos, very concise – amazing and immensely flattering.

Wrigleyville Trending Topic: Not your typical community meeting – Folks over at Chicago Now

Best of Chicago: Best museum-worthy cupcakes – a nice little post about our cupcakes and the rumors are true, they can be picked up at Columbia’s Cafes. Thanks for the post!

Red Eye: Your next crawl craving? Cakes, cookies, and more – Post about the growing dessert crawls, where Bridget Houlihan co-host of the Chicago Bits podcast says we “have the best cupcakes in Chicago.” Thanks Bridget for the love, and thanks Linda for mentioning us!

Wasbigelatine: 2010 gift guide – Dropped our name when writing about Jo Snow Syrups. We agree with you, a bottle of her stuff should be on everyone’s list.

The Social Network Butterfly: Here’s to the ladies that brunch – In a fantastically interesting social experiment, Brigitte takes one of her friends to our friendly confines for brunch. Glad the two of you had a great time and good luck with the rest of the 500+ friends!

If we missed you, let us know – we’ll add you to the list. Thanks for all those who think, write, talk, babble about us; we are listening and greatly appreciate it.

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