Toni’s ‘stollen’ our notions of a holiday tradition

  • December 17th, 2010
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Nestled in the Chicago suburb of Hinsdale, a city speckled with golf courses and a quaint downtown chock-full of adorable shops there is a bakery called Toni making the best German Stollen we have ever tasted.

What is a Stollen?

If you aren’t German you may not know, so we won’t hold it against you. It’s a traditional German cake made around the holidays, a lot like fruit cake, but a bit more ‘bread-like.’ The other big difference in fruit cake and stollen is that its almost always better, and in this case much better. It’s easily the best ‘holiday bread’ we’ve ever had. It’s sweet, bready, soft, and not overbearing with candied cherries or rock-hard. It’s covered in cinnamon sugar, instead of a mound of powered sugar, and its filled with all the things you’d expect all but the strange flavors that make some of us shutter.

Who makes it?

Well, not surprising it’s Toni. She had been around the world collecting the recipes of the world as she worked, and came across this Stollen recipe. We’re glad she did. After making her mark in Paris she came back with it in toe and started her shop. Decked to the nines in amazing cakes, sweets and pastries the lowly stollen has become a hit.

Where to get it?

Best place to get it in Chicago is here at Southport Grocery, come by and pick it or call ahead to make sure you get yours! Bring a loaf for dessert, or make an extra special breakfast and make a holiday stuffed french toast – oh so tasty. What ever you do this christmas, don’t go without trying a loaf of this sensational stollen.

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