truffle truffle – So good they named it twice

  • December 17th, 2010
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Truffles, easily made, but infinity tough to perfect. That is for us commoners, but for those with the chocolate version of the Midas Touch, like Nicole at truffle truffle, whirl the ingredients and textures together into the perfect little pearls.

What are the flavors?

Ah, glad you asked. There is an ever changing bundle of flavors from truffle truffle. Each season gets their own collection, this winter is gingerbread, peppermint bark, spiced orange & roasted pistachio. Yeah, it sounds awesome, but try them – oh boy. We carry just the seasons, but there is broad stroke of themes on their site – each tasty and delicious. But truffle truffle doesn’t just make truffles, they create heavenly caramels, luscious s’mores, and more! The caramels also come in seasons too like this winter’s current selection: chestnut honey, poached pear, eggnog and pomegranate blood orange. The eggnog is one of our favorites, a surprisingly rich flavor mixed in with the caramels, creamy and hints of dark liquor and nutmeg – so good. Or grab a seasonal s’more; talk about decadent! Pulling in the flavors of the season they create collections packed neatly into handmade flavored graham crackers, with their own marshmallows stuck in between then enrobed in chocolate – no open flame required. Each confection is made with love and passion, something you can taste in every bite.

Is it just one person?

Oh no, Nicole has a great team of people. They all used to saunter into our bakery in the middle of the night to make their treats, but now have moved to a space all their own – thats what happens when you do things right. Nicole does all of flavor profiling, using her staff as the guinea pigs. After serving in the Army, she wanted to do something a little bit less stressful – chocolates. Little did she know that her business would grow so quickly – leaving her barely enough time for sanity; for a good reason, her sweets are incredible. We’ve searched and these are the best truffles Chicago has to offer, hands down.

Where are they available?

Here at Southport Grocery of course. We try and keep our collaborative effort, the Southport Grocery Cupcake Truffle, in as well as their seasonal collections – the twelve pack tins and the cupcake truffles available individually. Want something more, special, or we’re low? Let us know, we can order it and get it in for you! Give truffle truffle a try, your sweet tooth will thank you.

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