Our Christmas cookies

  • December 20th, 2010
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Here come the holidays. Well, mostly they are already here. So, here are holidays. During this time of year there is a whole load of family rituals. We all have our traditions, Southport Grocery is no different. Lisa, owner and chef, carries on her grandmother’s tradition of making Christmas cookies.

It all started before anyone could remember, with Lisa’s grandmother making christmas cookies. Eventually it grew into such a custom each relative would bugger the poor woman into making their personal favorites – so everyone got a good spread. Then when Lisa was a little one she would join the gathering: head over to her grandmother’s and help make, bake, and stack cookies inside of old cake tins. Of course everyone would come over help pack up the cookies for christmas, but Lisa was one of the lucky ones, she got to have a little taste before everyone else. Her grandmother and her would get together and ‘sample’ the cookies with some tea after cooking the batches off.

Lisa wanted to share this part of her Christmas with our customers. Every year since opening we’ve baked off boxes and boxes of these fantastic cookies. It’s become a heartfelt tradition that we wanted to carry on you all. We put all the Christmas cheer, love, and a fair amount of sugar and butter into each cookie – making the ideal cookie mix.

Want to get your hands on a box? Run on by or call ahead to make sure we’ve got some. We only make a limited supply, and they go fast. They can go in gift baskets too.

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