Holiday Treats – straight to your stockings

  • December 21st, 2010
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Christmas party incoming? Holiday party tomorrow? Need to pick up something, but it can’t just be anything to a get together? We’ve got the solution – food and candy. Everyone loves both, and those who say they don’t are lying.

Grab from the plethora of items on our shelf. We may be small but we have a really diverse selection. Know someone who was naughty this year? Grab a Hammond’s Candy Coal for that rascal. Everyone loves chocolate and we’ve got loads of things for the chocoholic: TCHO’s Christmas boxes, Mille Lacs’ Trinkets, Mittens, and Snowflakes, Chocolate covered Hostess pretzels, fantastic chocolate covered grahams, too many more to name! Hard candy? Covered. Cookies? Handmade right here in the store, ready to devour! We’ve got jams, jellies, conserves that we make here – or take the bread pudding pancake mix over the grandma’s and make them in the morning for the family.

Fill up on stocking stuffers or full on gifts before it’s too late. And enjoy the holidays!

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