Salted Caramel – a circus of flavor

Step right up! I’m here to tell you of the grand expanses, the wonderful treasures to behold, of sweets and treats to bestow upon the tongue. Intangible lovely mixes that will spoil you for future tastes. A grand opera for the senses, surprising to know this creation is made with earthly hands, by the gang at Salted Caramel.

Peaked your interest?

Then step right this way – watch your step as you dive deep into flavor. They construct all matters of treats, but for our uses we couldn’t possibly say no to their popcorn, grahams, or marshmallows. But there are no mere copies of confectionary normalcy, oh no dear reader, these are extravagant concoctions of other worlds. Bridging the gap between sweet and savory flavors in the most incredible goodies. Their caramel corn is churned with two characters of buttery sprit: Smoked Pecan Bourbon, or Bacon Bourbon. Yes indeed my fine readers, they are real things not figments of your imagination – creations of wondrous accord.

The train doesn’t stop there my friends, no indeed – Salted Caramel pulled out the stops of salt meets sweet with the Pretzel Grahams. Close your eyes for a tick and imagine  the crunchy fabric of a graham cracker munching between tooth and cheek – now enters the salty surprises of the pocked pretzel combine the two and away you go. Do not fret the minor inclination to be over-salted, it is roused, tussled deep in the graham’s profile, only to be awaken on the back of the tongue where upon you wonder how many you could eat in one seating.

But fear not loyal reader there is yet one more tasty snack to mow – the Stout Marshmallows. Peal the entrance to this bag open and stick your noodle in for a breath of chocolaty beer and sugar, but pull one of the brown speckled white cubes out and take a nibble, they spring to life tugging your taste buds to and fro into delicious combat. First the sugar coating outside softens the tongue, as you pull the piece away the sugar dissolves – your first taste of the bitter tasty beer flavors – a chew and a chomp the sugar coats and mixes with the stout. A mellow chill of flavor rests and there is no help but to go back in for more.

Wondering where to partake?

This here establishment of course. All three are newly acquired and ready to be eaten. Why not stack a heated Stout Marshmallow on top of a perfectly sized TCHO chocolate which happens to be placed square on a Pretzel Graham? Do you mouth a favor for a change and indulge in real flavors dearest readers. Harken to the days of ol’ but a little bit of a grown up taste with Salted Caramel.

  1. Bridget - March 10, 2011

    Thanks, Lisa, Jake & team!! We’re just psyched to be part of your “that there establishment”!


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