Umami Paste Taste No 5 – Your new flavors in a tube

Historically speaking, there were four tastes here in the states – tucked into the opposite corner of the world there was a fifth, well accepted taste that few had thought existed on our side of the globe. Rolled up with the savory flavors known only to us on this side of the ocean as ‘steak’ we were put in our place once the discovery of the 5th sense was discovered. Until recently no one had thought to bottle it – or in this case tubed – for use at home; Laura Santtini decided to take our taste buds for a ride with her Taste No 5 Umami Paste.

Peaked your interest?

Yeah, we had to find out more too. We were sent a sample and it was the perfect thing on our shelves. Nothing speaks to us food crazed folks than something as food-nerdy as capturing umami, a taste only confirmed ten years ago, and making it available for adding to dishes. The paste, at first, may sound like something harmful like MSG or chemical added goo. Taste 5 Umami Paste is 100% natural ingredients – all legible, simple to read, items found to have strong umami flavoring – from the tomato sauce that holds it all together to garlic and anchovy paste, to the porcini mushrooms and parmesan cheese. It comes out red and menacing from the get go.

What in the blue blazes do I put it on/in?

We, too, asked the same questions. Luckily there is a near infinite uses. At home we’ve added it to our chicken noodle soup to spark a bit of interest, added it to mayo to crate a savory spread on a sandwich, put a squeeze into our burger to make it really pop – it’s a test to find something that it doesn’t dance well with. It never takes the lead, it pushes your dish to the dance floor and helps it realize it’s known how to shake it’s money maker all along. Tried a salad dressing by mixing it in some olive oil, for a tongue twistingly tasty salad. This is one of those things that can be the key to opening all the doors to your food obsessed self you never knew was there – like the first time you discovered butter or salt or sugar. It’s okay, explore and try things, that is what is great about Taste No 5 Umami Paste.

Where to get it?

We knew you would love to get some, so we’ve been keeping the shelf stocked with the tubes. If you are new to adventuring into food or a professional chef, the umami paste can lead you down roads you had never thought possible. Pick one up for yourself and wonder at it’s powers.

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