Oompa’s Mustard – spread a bit of heat

  • April 16th, 2011
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A few miles west of South Bend, nuzzled against Hudson Lake – one of the last stops on the South Shore line there lies the sleepy town of New Carlisle, Indiana. There is a brotherly love shared with Indiana, we sort of feel like their big brother. Yeah, it’s made some mistakes and people may pass it over as a ‘through’ state to get somewhere else but there is a fondness for our little brother Indiana. That is why when Oompas Mustard came by our desk with samples, we dug in, and loved the flavor and the cute packaging. We were sold – but what sealed it was it was just a short ride away to their door. The perfect fit for our shelves.

What about the mustard?

Ah yes. Sure you can make a product locally, but it has to be good. That is exactly what Oomap’s has done – their hot mustard has the ‘just right’ tongue burn, it’s thick enough to stick to pretzel rods and drop globs. It perks up a sandwich and makes those unaware of the spread to twist their head wondering why their flavor receptors suddenly have come alive. It isn’t a shock to the system, it’s a gentle rise in the water while on a boat – you suddenly realize the new things about the food with help from a inconspicuous mustard. But don’t allow the mustard to only exist on bread to compliment turkey, there is a myriad of applications for Oompa’s Mustard. Take a chicken breast and slather it with Oompa’s Mustard and roast it, whisk it into a tasty olive oil for a hoofed up salad dressing, slap some on top a freshly cooked steak and let it coat the top like frosting on warm cinnamon rolls – anyway you use it is right – that makes food so fun!

Where to get Oompa’s?

If you were a tasty mustard, where would you be? On our shelves of course! Grab a jar for yourself (or a loved one) and become a mustard monster yourself.

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