Breakfast of Champs

  • April 18th, 2011
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Hey Cubs fans. Yeah, you. Well, you too Sox fans. Are you headed to a game? Coming in from out of town to head to Wrigley Field? How about local breakfast at a real Chicago bunch spot. Stop by for a stack of hearty cupcake pancakes or steak and eggs to soak up some of those adult beverages. Pick up some gourmet popcorn or candy bars to enjoy at the game. Swing by after the game to have breakfast for a late lunch after an early afternoon game. Our entire menu is served all day everyday so if you have a hanker’n for one of our burgers for breakfast – we completely understand. You may tell your boss you don’t feel well enough to work – why not make a day of it? Have breakfast, you’ll feel better – heck maybe even enough to make it to the game a few blocks down the street, have to love coincidences.

Live in our Cubs filled neighborhood but root for the south side? We won’t shun you – we’re right off addison for the walk to the red line.

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