Tiesta Tea – Blending the best

  • April 20th, 2011
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Walk by our shelves and you’ll notice a new row of brightly colored bags – bright blue, green, purple, yellow, and red. The bag is modern and clean but holds a plethora of information. Turn the bag over and that is where the real magic is tea like you’ve never seen it. Tiesta Tea makes you rethink tea.

What kind of tea?

This isn’t your grandmother’s three year old tea bags at the bottom of her purse. This is delicious blends – of all sorts. Turning over any of Tiesta Tea’s packages will reveal things you never thought about tea. Starting with the Nutty Almond Cream – it’s actually full of real chopped up almonds, tiny cubes of apples, knobs of cinnamon, and squares of beet root. It smells unbelievable too, like cinnamon giving almonds a lifetime love hug, one whiff starts your mouth drooling; smells good enough to be a snack food! Maui Mango has real whole chunks of orange, mango, and pineapple and reminds you of warm vacations in the tropics. The banana split has slices – yes, slices – of dehydrated banana, Pomegranatoia: whole pomegranate arils. Sure any tea company can have ‘fruit’ flavoring, but how many teas have whole rose petals? That may be surprising enough, but the actual tea leaves and herbs are hand picked perfection – the Sencha in Fruity Pebbles is bright green perfection – full of flavor when brewed. Tiesta Tea brings tea to us that few have had here in the states. It’s their hand blended teas with the best they could find all natural ingredients.

Who makes it?

The company is headed up by a couple of guys that found this amazing tea studying abroad. Bumping to such amazing teas, they had to bring it back state side – blends like they had never seen, tasted, or dreamed of having. They brought it back to the city that could foster their dreams – Chicago. The tea is great, they are super nice and have a real passion for what they do, and it shows in the amazingly flavorful tea.

Where to get it?

Right here at Southport Grocery, we’re one of the few in Chicago with Tiesta Tea. We are honored for them to seek us out as one of their starter retailers. This is truly tea you’ve got to taste to believe.

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