Grab and Eat Our Grocery Goodies

  • May 9th, 2011
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After redesigning and creating new menus a couple of months ago, we made the jump to try and bridge the gap between our grocery and the cafe even more. We want to encourage people to just go hunting our shelves for what strikes them. Want to pig out on candy and ice cream? Totally fine, grab a table, and go to town on some chocolate. Now we know not many (if any) people will go on a chocolate only diet, but if you see a bottle of wine on your way to the table, go ahead and snag it – we’ll open it for you, we’ll even bring you glasses! Pull a bag of crackers and slab of cheese and go hog wild. The grocery is your oyster.

We put the new section of “grocery goodies” on the menu to encourage it! Take a stroll around the grocery, take it back to the table. If you don’t want you table covered by your selections we are happy to hold on to them for you. We’ve even added Salted Caramel and TCHO s’mores to the menu – dessert, for bunch! Next time, give the shelves the once over, bring it to the table, take the rest home – because at Southport Grocery you are free to roam.

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