Southport Garden on the terrace..

  • June 9th, 2011
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A few years ago we decided to have-a-go at growing some of our favorite seedlings behind-the-scenes.  We’ve enjoyed a few small harvested treats, and we hope this year is no different.  Tomatoes, we’ve found, need little more than a trusty bucket to grow the roots they need and produce some tasty fruit.  Three types of basil plants are showing some luscious looking leaves, and a single planter of chives will continually regenerate leaves as summer progresses.  Check back as we track the plants as they grow and follow as they may even end up on your plate!!


Nestled behind our humble grocery/cafe operation is a terrace that hosts our small collection of plants.


Our faithful garden-keep Gnick the Gnome hangs with the chives and some magical mushrooms for good luck.

..and a budding tomatillo flower promises to grow up strong..


Mmmmm… basil!!  Can’t wait to see how Chef will use the Cinnamon Basil (below), perhaps at one of our summer Secret Supper events..


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