Janice And The Macaroons

  • August 25th, 2011
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This is the story of Janice and her macaroons..

Janice first learned to bake in her Aunt’s kitchen in Ireland when she was just 10 yrs. old.  Her favorite thing to make growing up was coffee sponge cake and trifle.  About 15 years ago, Janice found a macaroon recipe and started playing with the ingredients to make it her own, using Guittard Chocolate and imported macadamia nuts.  The sweet treats were an immediate hit with friends and family, many of which told her that she should sell them.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that Janice found some inspiration from Terry, a local toffee entrepreneur (Terry’s Toffee dot com), while he was sampling here at our cafe.  Janice had been a patron of our cafe for years (she loves our burger w/blue cheese and caramelized onions) and soon drafted a plan with her husband to launch her own business featuring the macaroons.  Janice brought us some samples just as she was getting everything off the ground, and, loving them, placed an order immediately!  We keep Janice’s macaroons stocked in our grab-and-go cooler (she suggests keeping them refrigerated for freshness), although they’re known to sell-out quickly.

Although she is still learning how to best use her time and ingredients efficiently, Janice loves meeting new customers – especially while doing tastings in our cafe on the occasional weekend.  As she masters the macaroon and the business hurdles that come along with being an independent business owner, she hopes to create more sweets inspired by her favorite combinations like – caramel, chocolate and salt, or a classy treat she found in Paris – the nutella and banana crepe.  In the meantime, be sure to grab a pack next time through our grocery, and keep an eye on our events to see when she’ll be sampling in the cafe!

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