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  • September 29th, 2011
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In a world where almost every household has a microwave with a “popcorn button” ~ we wonder ~ does anyone actually MAKE popcorn anymore?  Our staff remembers the days of watching mom and dad carefully tend to hot oil on the stovetop, waiting anxiously for that first “POP!” from the covered pot that would yield buttery, salted goodness that would soon leave our hands a greasy mess.

Chef Derrick’s family filled paper grocery bags (yeah, the BIG ones!) for movie night at home, and he fondly recollects shaking the batch while his dad poured melted butter overtop.  Lisa remembers spreading out newspaper as a kid in her Grandma’s kitchen – arranging their freshly popped snack in a single layer so each morsel could received an appropriate garnish.  Many families even had a dedicated popcorn kettle!  I’ll never be able to separate my childhood memories with the large tins of popped caramel and cheesy corn found around the holidays – most with some wintry scene or the obligatory Santa and some reindeer printed on the outside. It seems everyone has some fondness for this year round snack, it’s simply a great food that all can enjoy.

..and here at Southport Grocery ~ we have popcorn for everyone!



Starting with the littlest popcorn ~ Tiny But Mighty ~ is a company that boasts an heirloom, non-GMO corn that pops virtually hull-less (it disintegrates upon preparation) for more taste that won’t get stuck in your teeth!  This family owned outfit in Iowa has built a reputation on friendships, not just the customer base that larger corporations seem to focus on.  Tiny But Mighty acts as a perfect slogan for the taste as well as the company’s ideals.   Popped only in a light batch of oil – the small kernels provide a buttery flavor that can be enjoyed without a mess of seasonings.


Fireworks Popcorn – from Port Washington, WI – offers an impressive 10 varieties and blends of popping corn at   From the small and subtle – Autumn Blaze to the large and fluffy – Orchard Blossom, Fireworks has taken Midwest popcorn to the next level, teaming with local farmers that adhere to their quality control standards.  This family owned and operated enterprise can be found in all corners of the country and, with help from their humble offices along the shore of Lake Michigan, are becoming an international distributor!

Lastly, but certainly not least, our local favorite Gary Poppins is the perfect grab-n-go treat for a movie night, party snack… or just because!   Artfully crafted and already-popped corn, both sweet and savory, can be enjoyed from this kitchen on the outskirts of Chicago.  Classic flavors like kettle corn and white cheddar are simple and delicious, although we regularly dream of his caramel corn and “the all-time winning” combination bag that houses all three kinds!  Gary has personally delivered his bags of goodness to our grocery for years, and we hope you’ll invite him (or at least his delectable snacks) to your next occasion.


Perfect fun for a family experiment, a rainy day snack or a treat to sneak into the movies (check out what’s playing down the street at the Music Box Theater – and don’t forget to fill and bring your big purse along!) popcorn will continue to accompany many of life’s moments – whether it be a special occasion or a quick snack – just remember, it’s always better when you share!!



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