Yes, we can!

  • October 28th, 2011
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Yes, we can!

Can: verb (canned , canning) 1. preserve (food) in a can.

5 summers and 4 winters have come and gone since we started canning here at Southport Grocery.  The summers have seemed like only a few fleeting moments, while the long winter nights left us yearning for anything that resembles sunlight.  In fact, winter is a main reason preserving is so important to us, simply because we don’t have the luxury of much more than 4 months of good harvesting.  What started as a labor of love in generations past – when food rarely wasn’t wasted, and rarely came from a box – the tradition of canning continues in our kitchen.  We take the best produce from farms across the midwest and follow classic recipes, as well as creating several of our own.  Not only a great way to keep happy and healthy, it’s also a simple way to support our local food culture that does not thrive all year long.


Here’s a peek at our ever-evolving list of canning projects, most of which you can find on our shelves all year long!


fruit preserves: cherry, mirabelle plume, blueberry, blueberry-rhubarb, blueberry-raspberry, peach, sugar-free peach, peach-raspberry, peach butter, apple butter, applesauce, apple-raspberry sauce, rhubarb-strawberry, ginger-pear

conserves: pear-almond, blueberry-citrus

pickles: lemon, dill, spicy, bread & butter

tomatoes: green tomato relish, whole roma, crushed, marinara sauce

specialty: “jake’s giard”, hot pepper jelly, cherry-jalepeno jam, habenero gold jelly

Ripe blueberries from June!  With these we make traditional blueberry preserves & some delicious combos including blueberry-rhubarb & blueberry-raspberry preserves!

June brought ripe cherries to Mick Klug Farms, we bring them to your table in preserved form.

Plums, to be halved and soaked into their own juices.. a healthy way to dress up some yogurt or vanilla ice cream!

Fresh cucumbers making their transformation into tasty pickles!


Doug prepares cans of our spicy pickles.

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