SPG Catering – Our Provisions, Your Platter

  • December 9th, 2011
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Having people over is always remembered as fun. Everyone laughing after a couple drinks having a great time. You remember gatherings for that one time you planned a board game night and met your significant other. The struggle to pull it all together is usually lost in the fog of memories – that is until you try to have another. You end up stuck sweating over the stove, again. It’s time for the host to have as much of a good time as the guests. Don’t you deserve to play the purple car in Life, or join everyone else in a rowdy game of Apples to Apples?

Southport Grocery will help ease your stress of your get together. Let us do the cooking for you! Don’t have any idea what your guests will like? We have a pretty stellar catering menu to help guide your way to the land of tasty treats. Having a picnic in Grant Park? Getting together for a luncheon? SPG will pack up lunches or breakfasts in our pretty pink boxes, see our Box Lunch Menu for inspiration. What happens if you already know the perfect dish – the ideal little hand treat – for your wonderful guests? Our chef will work closely with you to get it right. We can build a menu from the ground up, just for you.

Still not enough? What about the fact that we’ll put our stacks of handmade food stuffs on top of your own dishes. That’s right. Those massive pretty plates you have buried in the dark places of your cabinets, those multi-pocketed dishes with a ‘dip’ center – bring those in and put them to great use! Make your party complete with serve-wave that truly is personal.

Too busy to pick it up? We deliver in Chicago city limits, no problem. Where else but SPG can you get a chef to personally see to it that your ordered items are awesome, put on your own dishes, and will even drive it to your house?

Put that personal touch on your catered order, bring together your party style and make our catering your own.

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