Raye’s Mustard – Stone Ground Goodness

  • December 22nd, 2011
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In the vast never ending sea of artisan mustards a beacon called out in the storm. A strike of White Lightning, a beacon called us to go forward. Like a Schooner in the night there Raye’s Mustard was. A tasty cube of powerful and refreshingly old-fashioned tasting mustard, Raye’s had us at ‘hello.’

Nestled among the rocky coast, in the dead center of an island, placed at the farthest east you can live in the US – Easton, Maine – you’ll find this great Mustard. Behind a woody exterior a clanking, roaring machine – or more aptly, a collection of machines – churn, mash, spin seeds into creamy, dense mustard. The process takes time, and from this time comes the essence of the mustard. Raye’s starts by grinding down their seeds into flakes, forcing the flavor hidden to a more reachable state. From the flakes are added with 400 ft deep well water and white wine vinegar where they soak overnight. The soaked flakes are then added to the collection of spinning stones where the flakes are rubbed between – an age old process – that creates a richer, more full taste than other mustard’s ‘cooked’ style. Through each cycle of the crushing, the mustard becomes thicker and blooms with flavor.

Raye’s is a fourth generation mustard company that could just be some of the best made mustard in the US.  Here, at Southport Grocery, we carry three of their fifteen flavors: White Lightning, Down East Schooner, and Sea Dog beer mustard. Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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