Smoke Daddy’s Bloody Smokin’ Mary – Take ‘er Home

  • January 17th, 2012
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In a small inconspicuous red apartment-looking building on Division street there is a smoke house. A meat emporium of great magnitude, a plume of beefyness wafts in the area, spicy and smokey. Closer to the building the scent is noxious and hard to pull away from, inside: a symposium of barbeque  – Welcome to Smoke Daddy. Sit down and order a drink, but not just any.

We know it’s [not] hard to believe, but we love ourselves some meat, and what could go better then a bloody mary with a plate piled high with tasty BBQ. Of course we pour some pretty heady bloody mary’s of our own in our cafe. But what about at home? The times you usually want to have a bloody mary are the times you don’t want to spend making it by hand unless you pre-made a batch. We’ve all been there. We can hardly find a better solution to this than Smoke Daddy’s Smokin’ Mary mix.

It’s a bit of smokiness – which they know all about, just the right amount of spicy kick, and nice even tomato. It’s a perfect way to bookend a long weekend, or to kick off a day out. But don’t just think of this bloody mary mix as only a ‘breakfast’ drink – it goes perfectly well with a pulled pork sandwhich for lunch, or a rack of ribs for dinner. Dress it up or down, Smoke Daddy’s Smokin’ Mary is always ready to impress.

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