Ethereal Confections Chocolate Bars – Beautifully Delicious

  • January 27th, 2012
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On a side street tucked into a shop off the square of a small town, closer to the Wisconsin boarder than to Chicago, a confectionary churns out magically tasty and stunningly beautiful chocolates. It’s here – in Woodstock, IL – that two women compose a symphony of sugar, nuts, fruits, and of course chocolate to create these wonders. They masterfully construct decadent truffles, impeccable meltaways, chunky chocolate bark, and more – but what caught our collective eye was their chocolate bars. In the wide world of chocolate bars, there are those few that we find so stunning in flavor and design, than those from Ethereal – their local to boot!

Most other bars would have the flavors peppered in trace amounts though the bar, forcing your tongue to do all of the heavy lifting trying to pull out the flavors. Ethereal’s Pistachio Cranberry bar has massive cuts of those tasty green nuts as well as hunks of dried cranberry, a feast for the eyes as well as the belly. All of the their chocolate bars have hunks of tasty treats trapped in smooth and rich dark chocolate – just ripe for the munching.

Grab a bar of these amazing chocolate confections and taste what locally made artisan “choco-love” tastes like.

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