Skillet Street Food – Spoonful of Bacon

  • January 30th, 2012
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The way we envision high-end street food – what with tattooed young, recent culinary graduates handing over food from far-flung corners of the world, dressed up and as fresh as a spring morning – it sort of started with Skillet Street Food. Rolling though the streets of Seattle in a rehabbed Airstream, Chef Josh Henderson forked over some amazing food from the small square window. It changed things. Sure, food trucks from New York City to LA have been making mind meltingly good food for years – but Skillet brought a new light to it all again. It gained momentum in a new and exciting ways, cities that had previously outlawed them were clamoring to legalize them (looking at you Chicago), others were having a hard time dealing with all the of food cart applications, fancy street food seemed like it was staying around for a while.

Skillet Street Food has grown, a lot. It’s opened a brick and mortar store, they still travel around the city in their shinny Airstream, cater events, and even package some of their famous ‘spreads.’

This is where we come in. We got ourselves a sample of their Bacon Spread. If you know us, we are no stranger to supple taste of bacon. Skillet’s Bacon Spread is like the sweet smoky meat concentrated into a container with a hints of spice but powerful baconyness. It’s perfect to use in pan sauces, a nice spoonful to pull your drippings together, salivation city. Make drool worthy mash potatoes by mixing in some into your next batch; bacon goes with almost everything – give the Bacon Spread a go. But Skillet Street Food didn’t stop there. They melded this bacontopia-in-a-jar with Fennel & Black Pepper – creating something worth the moniker ‘aromatic and flavorful’. This mix makes an ideal addition to stuffing or turkey. Try adding a small bit to chili, added to croutons prior to baking, let your imagination go hog wild.

It is from here that we couldn’t help ourselves when skillet came knocking on our tummies with the Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce. A sauce we started using on everything in our abodes: from dipping our fries to taco meat to a slathering on top of pork loins.

We tend to think of these spreads and sauces as the swiss army knifes of our home kitchens. Try it in something, your bound to love the added complexity to your dish – we know we have.

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